Buried Treasure – 2011

This webpage looks naked without a post. So, I’ll dress it up with an oldie, but goodie until I’m ready to let my creative juices flow with more fabulousness:

Stuck in a Rut? Get Your Pipes Cleaned.

That was the gist of my advice to writer, Simone Grant, after reading her blog where she came to the realization that her home wasn’t as sweet of an abode as one might want to savor on return from a mini-vacation… let alone, bring a date.

In my experience, feng shui goes a long way in ridding an environment of negative energy. My big picture, however, isn’t really about delving into an ancient, Chinese art or moving around furniture…

Well, not exactly.

It’s about freeing ourselves from all the clutter and self-inflicted complications of life.

Imagine showering, primping and smelling good with -eyes on the prize- of an epic time at a great, impressive venue, just to discover that the only way to get to said destination (the place that sent you the invitation and is eagerly awaiting your arrival) is by squeezing through a layer of grime between a rock and a slimy place that will ruin your fabulous “fluffy stuff”.

Not very appetizing, huh?

Well, I use that screwy analogy to describe ourselves as that impressive venue– the great catch, well-deserving of all blessings in love, career opportunities and life, in general… and the “fluffy stuff” as the good fortune, we seek and invite; It wants to head our way, but is deterred by unnecessary, messy layers of “blah” i.e. unhealthy hoarding, being stuck in the past about an old flame, fear of leaving the security of a miserable job and other nuisances that insidiously develop around us, like a moat, filled with muddy water and wicked, mythological creatures, keeping  prosperity away from our castle (Sorry, I dig medieval fantasy.)

The figurative pipes that house the ebb and flow of our desires get clogged with this muck, turning thriving motivation to attain those wants into stagnant complacency which results in virtual paralysis of the flow to victory. A prolific conduit, no more.

That’s why we need to clean that crap out!

In Nichiren Buddhism, practitioners, such as myself (on a good day), chant  daimoku, “Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo”,  a mantra of the Lotus Sutra that expounds the “Mystic Law” of cause and effect. My rant about muddy water made me think of the lotus flower that actually emerges from swamps -unsoiled- and beautifies its murky surroundings.

That’s what we all need to do… stretch our necks and stick our pretty heads out, above the sewage that is life and exclaim what we want:


Once we have its attention, grab a plunger, sword, broom, duster-buster, bottle of Drano®, bible or whatever we can find as a weapon and start whacking, scooping, splashing, smacking, yacking to clear and purge our constipated path then, roll out the red carpet to meet our “fluffy stuff”, in style.

… and you thought that I was talking about something else in my title, you DIRTY~BIRDIES!


What will you do to unclog your pipes!?


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